Get Ready With Me… { Performance Preparation }

So this month I’ll be taking a step back to work on #PROJECTi,which I’ll continue to give you sneak previews on, but in the mean time here’s a Get Ready With Me post & vlog.

As a an individual, I know what I’ve been through and what I’ve allowed my body to experience to become the person I am today and as a performer, I know what I’ve allowed my body to endure to evolve into the Artist I am today.
What I’ve learnt is that it’s always best to follow your own rules, your instinct will tell you where to go, your emotions will guide you into the right spaces. and your body will tell you when you’ve had enough.
Trust your body trust your process.
Remember the Artist/Performer is a human being too, so they also need particular and often times seemingly indulgent methods of self care to perform to an appreciative and applausable standard.

Here are some and definitely not all of mine…

Performance Preparation:

1: Meditation

2: Cleanse

3: Moisturize

4: Oral Hygiene

5: Make Up

6: Breakfast

Click the video below to watch the process!


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