Farewell to H.E Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola

His Excellency Sarafa Tunji Isola

It was an honour to be in the presence of such dignitaries, a wonderful yet humbling experience.
Cultural heritage, diplomacy and international relations are some of the major themes behind my creative endeavours. I know that as an Artist, Designer & Image Consultant especially in Diaspora, I feel like it is part of my responsibility to make sure that our ethnicities & cultures are well represented with beautiful design, in-depth thorough research & sustainable development foundations.

In this day and age with media and technology ( well social media really ) at the top of the communications hierarchy, it is imperative that we partner with those in society who are making changes for the better and for generations to come. Those who want to build cultural bridges and encourage the youth to stand up and make change, recognising their strengths and privileges in order to project a standard of QUALITY as ambassadors for the nations they represent.

Standing with Chief Lady Aqueen Ibeto at the farewell meeting for H.E Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola, gave me the encouragement needed to continue in line with the vision of a legacy of excellent Cultural Diplomacy especially for NDIGBO & Nigerians alike. To be given the opportunity to express our ideas and most importantly our gratitude to H.E for recognising OHANAEZE UK & IRL as the cultural head for NDIGBO in Diaspora, was a once in a lifetime achievement.
As the elders build the stepping stones, we stand on their shoulders and fortify the boundaries for the next generation to see clearly enough to fly the banner of cultural heritage on an international level.



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