Global Family Day 2022

Previously named One Day in Peace deriving from the United Nations Millennium Celebration, Global Family Day was founded by Linda Grover an American peace Activist. Grover believed in Earth as one Global Family, envisioning a world of peace between peoples and nations.
So whilst in the mix of sharing and celebrations today, take the time out today to make peace with and pay gratitude to your ancestors as you continue in their name, being lifted up onto their shoulders, and standing proud in your culture and identity.
You are here today because someone somewhere in the past had paved the way for you.

When we make the effort to find out more about where we’ve come from, by learning and teaching others about our different backgrounds we also assist in building up a multicultural global society that can attempt to successfully coexist in a peaceful way with respect and mutual understanding.

Check out Linda’s utopian novel Tree Island, A Novel for the New Millennium.


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