Looty NFT – Returning Stolen Loot

The World’s first Digital Repatriation of Art to the Metaverse.

An anonymous collective of Artists, Creators, Activists, Future thinkers fast-forwarding digital restitution.

“We believe in the power of art, of expression, of stories, and we know you do too.” – Looty NFT

International museums receive countless footfall, with visitors from across the globe, who come in praise, awe and adoration of the rare and precious artefacts preserved, exhibited and publicly displayed, without knowing the historical context of their journey to their new homes

For example the British Museum holds hundreds of culturally sacred artefacts from many African countries. Take for instance the Benin Bronzes, which were violently looted from the Kingdom of Benin in modern-day Nigeria, creating devastating creative and cultural gaps in these societies.

“We call this Digital repatriation, there are currently 1000s of stolen artworks held in museums and private collections around the world. With many attempts to return these artworks failing.”


Looty NFT Cold Glass Box 0.99 ETH

LootyNFT Saeyama Tusk 0.99 ETH

The ‘Looters’ go to these museums (physically) and take back the artworks (digitally), reimagining, remastering, and remixing these artefacts into their original cultural context.

The NFTs give you the opportunity to own these digital assets, awarding you with the pride of contribution to the reparations.
Looty will release NFTs in editions of 25 unique 1 of 1 designs.

“For decades, these culturally significant artworks have been kept out of their home countries, leaving a gaping hole in Nigeria’s art history and denying citizens of their rightful participation in its OWNERSHIP.

Who gets to keep, exhibit and reap the commercial benefits of ownership?” – Looty NFT

Looty (1861), in the Royal Collection.

**Profits generated from the Looty NFT sales will go in to the Looty Fund, which will be delivering grants for African creatives between the ages of 15 and 25 to help in their endeavours.

Read the Program Guide here for more information.

I cannot wait to see the LOOTY future of augmented reality, NFT air drops and exclusive Looty merchandise!!


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