Oi! – Issue 2 | The Gender Issue

What is Gender anyway?…

Hello, Yes, we know , time flies when you’re sieving through it in the concrete jungle!

Well we’re glad to let you know we survived and have released the second issue of Oi! – this time around we’re delving into the constant sticky topic of discussion, Gender.

So if you wanna find out what we discovered last year from the global community, have a ganders here NOW!

The Gender Issue
 Editorial | The Engendered Species .

Art Direction & Editorial Design – Obui Amaechi
Photography & Post Editing – Julia Schell

Oi! Issue 2 • Read Online

With features from Mich Tee, Julia Schell, Glencoco and much more!

Issue 2 >> https://issuu.com/obuiamaechi/docs/oiss15


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