#PROJECTị Updates

 #PROJECTị is an interdisciplinary Art Project focusing on Intersectionality & Identity.

As a NonBinary British woman of Igbo, Nigerian, West African descent, I have often experienced a type of marginalisation away from the mainstream conversations regarding mental health, race, gender, religion and class.

ị means You in Igbo language, and the concept of a project on self is an attempt at putting a mirror up to socialised identities and the way in which people find their own narratives in homogenised societies.

(Psalms 23. Watercolour, Biro on Paper, 2019)

With more positive and accurate representation more individuals will feel included in the social conversations regarding humanity and positive mental health and wellbeing.

I hope to encourage others struggling to come to terms with their own individual narratives, to be the truest form of themselves, fully discovering their nature and what it has to offer the world.

All parts of the project are synonymous with each other but expressed in different formats and art mediums.


I will be updating the #PROJECTị tab on the homepage and will share updates all in due time!

Special thanks to Mrs Pat Ofoche, Ayo Ogunde , Christina Daniels & David Olaniyi <3

Thank you so much, I appreciate your love and support.

Obui Amaechi


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