World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice (Social Justice Equality Day) is an international day observed February 20th, approved by the United Nations General Assembly on the 26th November 2007, and celebrated annually since 2009.

The United Nations describes social justice as “an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. The Declaration recognises the need to promote the importance of fundamental human rights and social justice by finding ways to guarantee social dialogue, social protection and fair outcomes for all.

Society as a whole is incomplete without the individuals who contribute to the healthy functioning of its system. Like the human body all parts have a role and when they work together towards a common goal the soul of the person is fully embodied in its personality, purpose and interpersonal navigability. In a democratic society, from the centre to the parameter every contribution should be recognised, respected and given its fair due.

When there is an unfair distribution of wealth, resources and biased and discriminatory employment practices, areas of the body of society end up suffering from an impoverished experience that is marginalised by economic exclusion, exploitation of labour, unfair wages and gender, race, religion and ability based inequality.

In a healthy society, no one should be left behind and the value and fundamental human rights of the citizen should be reflected in systems that encourage equality, equity and justice. Social mobility, equal opportunities and distribution of wealth, functioning public services, economic safety nets, and fair laws that protect and provide justice and security for all.

When we neglect our own responsibility or assume that social justice must be in the hands of those with more economic or political power, we miss the opportunity to use our collective voices and skills to ensure that the barriers for social justice are broken.

When you become aware of your strengths, talents and skills, you will create the capacity to organise yourself in a way that contributes to the development of self and society. Whether it’s through writing to your local MP, creating creative content to raise awareness, using social media to liaise, research and or even attending events, social gatherings and protests to get your message across. These are some of many ways you could contribute to fighting for social justice.


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