AKARA Restaurant

Took a trip down to borough to discover more about AKARA a discreet new restaurant tucked away inside the Yards, specialising in West African come Brazillian snacks and small chops.

Akara is a well known Nigerian crispy fried snack made from blended black-eye beans, paprika peppers and mixed spices, a summer time favourite growing up! I was intrigued and wanted to know how they would take this concept and develop it into someting new for an international market.

From the a la carte menu we ordered the Prawn & Crab Akara with Rice Pancakes, Black Eye Bean Hummus, Short Ribbed Suya with Charred Onion, BBQ Oyster Mushrooms with House Spice Mix, Plantain with Grilled Onion & Crispy Shallots. Unfortunetely for me the Ogogoro cocktail was no longer on the menu at the time so I opted for a Gin & Tonic.

Akara serve a “…diverse selection of dishes, each narrating the journey of Akara through various regions and countries.”

Go and check them out
Arch 208
18 Stoney Street
SE1 9A


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