Protective Styling { The Halo Braid }

Protective Styling

For many women, the hot topic of hairstyling can be a unifying yet delicate and isolating subject, so I’m going to begin with a universal style most women can relate to, The Braid.
From ancient kingdoms stretching the Cape, Bight, and Horn of the African continent, reaching north into Mediterranean empires, up and across to nomadic tribes of Europe, warriors, monarchs and laymen in Asia, and  right around North, Central and South Americas – the Braid has always held cultural significance.

For decades, centuries even, the braid has been a go to protective style; it’s aesthetically pleasing, yet practical. Whether it was used as a sign of social or political status, for ceremonies and rituals, or plain old beautification, it continues to serve its purpose; protection from the elements, length retention, and simply just allowing your scalp to breath giving your hair follicles a rest!

And on the topic of Self Preservation…


Part hair into 2horizontal sections from the side : (ear to ear).
Part the top half into 4equal sections.
Cornrow directly from the crown/top centre to the nape, temples and front.
Cornrow bottom half upward towards the horizontal dividing part.
Braid the ends of the cornrows  together around the edges.
Wrap braids round and pin together.



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