Charlotte Onwudiwe a good friend of mine, asked me to join her team of creative women for her company Girls Aglow ‘”a personal & professional network of support for girls aged 13-19: aiming to inspire, motivate and encourage whilst steering members towards a future of success.”

This was an amazing experience for me as I had the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with younger girls who were as or even more determined as I was at that age.
It was brilliant, and inspiring for me, sharing, giving and taking, seated around a board meeting table at The London Bridge Hotel, discussing their thoughts dreams and ideas with such eloquence and seeing those girls go home feeling like young women, heads held a little higher and confident in their carry on…

There were other creatives on the board who gave advice and told of their journeys in the industry, one girl was bold enough to ask Screen writer from award winning UK webseries and blog ‘Brothers with No Game‘ whether he’d be her mentor, he said yes! All because she was bold enough to ask… Cycles of growth.
Absolutely fantastic experience.
Hats off to Charlotte for the initiative!

Next session below!


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