FUNKKOptik | Berlin, West.

I was in Berlin for a couple weeks, struggling to read German. It wasn’t that  my glasses needed cleaning but my English brain had gotten so used to our versions of their words, I kept mispronouncing words in a painfully limp cockney accent. Terribly awkward! I managed to parrot words from the tannoy on the Ubahnhof , breeding short moments of glee between stations.
So I made a point of going to FUNK Eyewear store and got optimistic about opticians and Optometry! These guys put style, design and individuality back into glasses, and their selection of spectacles are a sight for sore eyes…

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It was a refreshing experience to see glasses in this kind of optical abode, rather than the generic, clinical retail layout, which can sometimes overwhelm customers; that dreaded feeling of seeing a doctor about a problem… And I particularly loved the crafty feel of the store, seeing the workspace, the tools, the materials. This was the proof I needed to be reassured that robots weren’t making such cool spectacles and that my eyesight and personal style were being taken into consideration when framing my face and restoring my vision!

Reborn a stylish nerd!! Yay!

The new collection FUNK FOOD is a more affordable selection of performance sunglasses available in the latest trends and colours.

Starting with 12 different styles and 3-4 colour ways. FUNK FOOD is delivered either in a kind of freshness box or in a hard case covered with Jeans.

“FUNKeyewear has been and will be the brand for individualists and trend setters. FUNK continues to set trends and stays with its innovative design and materials the signpost in the business. These promising features will lead to further exciting collections and surprising innovations made by FUNK.

Yup you read correctly!

To be honest I’m just really excited about the FUNK Optik Headquarters and manufacturing store in Kinsau!! Ohh what magic must be unfolding there?!

Store info:

Maßbrillen – gläserne Brillenmanufaktur
Leibnizstrasse 59
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg

phone: 030-31 80 40 72


MO – closed / geschlossen
DI – FR: 10.00 – 19:00 h
SA:  10:00 – 14:00 h



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