Sarah Morris & Tunji Adeniyi-Jones : White Cube Gallery

I popped down to White Cube Bermondsey to see what was new and came across these pieces that really drew my attention.

Sarah Morris

Above are some of my favourites pieces from Sarah Morris’s collection of abstract paintings and films which she describes as an investigations into “urban, social and bureaucratic typologies”. These works, based on different each piece is based on a different city, examining its psychology and architectural details.

Morris’s uses household gloss paint on square canvases, with web like fracturing and that references architectural motifs and signs. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of what seemed like random scenarios, voice overs and imagery and use of cinematography in her work.

Tunji Adeniyi-Jones

The canvases above are by Tunji Adeniyi-Jones whose work is deeply inspired by his Yoruba heritage and the ancient history of West Africa. His intense, abstract and highly saturated paintings fuse mythology and iconography from the viewpoint of what he describes as ‘cultural addition, combination and collaboration’ and ‘the transformative nature of the Black experience is nourished by travel, movement and cultural hybridity’.

I experience fluidity, passion and trance-like sensuality in the hypnotic draw of fauvist like strokes of complementary colours, feminine figures and form in ‘The Youth’ and ‘The Virtues’ series.

Check out White Cube Bermondsey for more!


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