Juergen Teller – Book Presentation | CFA Berlin

I literally had no idea that Juergen Teller would be in Berlin at the time I was…
I was so unprepared for this and my nerves were all over the place, Celine had just recently released the Joan Didion editorial and I was completely speechless at the greatness and genius behind their forever consistent creative direction. Juergen the ‘lensual lord’, Joan the literary goddess and the Celine ultimate, minimalist  essentialist andro-femme brand, the holy trinity of all my favourite things in life! Yess lord , thank you for taking control !!
But that didn’t mean that I knew that on my random journey to Berlin that I’d know that one of my fav art,  fashion and celeb photographers would be in his home town. Nope didn’t have a clue.
So what did I do? I went to the book presentation at the CFA trembling like a STAN, saw him and then realised I didn’t want to buy the latest book, awkward?!
So we left for a bookstore and bought one that I liked, (can you imagine ?!) brought it back to the gallery and queued up to meet, greet and get my book signed. Yeah…

I can’t believe how shocked I was I could barely hold a bloody sentence it was ridiculous, he looked at me like an understanding Art teacher who knew that inaudible explosions were indeed going off inside me. I didn’t even ask him about that editorial?! The same editorial I praised the lord for? Ha!?!

What happened to me?!
Anyway cream over this lol… I got a heart on my name 🙂

“mad love ” ARGH!!! 😀 !!

Don’t be jeals.



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