Morley College X C&C – Fashion & Textile Course for Homeless Women

 Morley College X C&C – Fashion & Textile Course for Homeless Women

I was asked to help coordinate a Fashion and Textiles course for Morley College for women in temporary accommodation.I was super excited because the idea behind the course was so heartwarming; a way to empower women who are dealing with the issue of homelessness.

A lot of people frown at the thought of homelessness because they see themselves too far away from a very normal possibility. Anyone can become homeless at anytime it’s not about being stupid or careless, you could lose your job, you could become mentally ill and not be able to work to support your rent and living costs, you could be in a violent situation at home where you are forced to leave. There are so many scenarios that could leave one in such a vulnerable state.

I was pleased to be able to be part of this project, encouraging women to get creative again from the comfort of their residence and have their work exhibited at the Morley Gallery at the end of the course.

I designed these posters and wrote letters to a few galleries to be granted free entry and access for research and ideas.


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