7 Tips for Self Preservation • CPTSD / Empaths \ People Pleaser Syndrome

When it comes to Self Preservation one of the most important things to know when considering your wellbeing, whether  we’re talking spiritual, psychological or emotional, is how to create boundaries and safe spaces around yourself.
Especially if you are an Empath, or have struggled with People Pleaser Syndrome or CPTSD, you most probably would have gone a long time with very weak boundaries, experiencing repeated traumas and emotional violations.
In order to get back to a place where you feel you are more autonomous, less codependent and are living your best self, there are a few steps you may need to take to get you back on the journey to Self Discovery & Preservation.

Steps towards Self Preservation:

1: Self Isolate: The Safe Haven
2: Declutter: Clarity & Space
3:Journaling: An Autobiographic Record of Experiences
4: Emotional Literacy: The ability to Understand and Express Emotions
5: Affirmations: An act of Saying or Showing a Comfirmation of YOUR Truth
6: Grooming: The External Manifestation of Self
7: Planning: Organizing Activities Required to Achieve Certain Goals

Check out the video below for a breakdown on each step!

“It is you who creates, BE YOU.”


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