AMP Publication [EVENT – Visual RECAP]

Art Music and Politics Must meet, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

 When I was first introduced to this community of conscious artists I was sent back to a time when I first watched Erykah Badu perform her spoken word piece – ‘Friends, Fans, & Artists Must Meet’ at Def  Jam Poetry via Youtube.

So what is AMP?

Art, Music, Politics Must Meet. Which one is you, which one are me?A.M.P. is an experiment and utopian initiative to bring practices of Art, Music and Politics together in re-imagining society, and developing radical culture. One of the aims is to realize how these practices each interact with their own limitations, potential, how they intersect, and the roles they play in the forming of culture and community.”

Well Issue 1 of the AMP publication, ( which I was proud to have been involved in the editing process ) has been officially launched and available in print to purchase, and the 2nd series of the AMP MUST MEET Festival is just around the corner !

They released their Publication on the 28th February at Vulpes Vulpes Gallery in Bermondsey. On March the 20th from 12pm to 2:30am at Bussey Building in Peckham the festival will be held!

Here’s a visual recap of the publication launch!


For more information CLICK THIS LINK HERE!


A.M.P Publication Launch from Obui Amaechi on Vimeo.


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