Dr. Dre Beats X Selfridges ‘Denim By Denim’

Beats by Dr. Dre  introduced a blogger style challenge to celebrate the launch of their limited edition Studio headphones for theSelfridges ‘Denim Lovers’ collection. Inspired by fashion’s most enduring and best-loved fabric, Beats by Dr. Dre has designed an exclusive run of Beats Studio headphones featuring a striking denim-look outer design.
 The headphones formed part of the Selfridges ‘Denim Lovers’ collection and was only be available in store for a limited amount of time. We shot this in Brixton, photographed by Jendella Benson and styled by Sandra Falase and modelled by myself.

And we won the challenge and the Beats headphones and BeatsPill collection.

Stylist – Sandra Falase
Photographer – Jendella Benson


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