SCOOP International Fashion Show

We attended Scoop International’s a few weeks back , for those that aren’t familiar this is a bi-annual boutique Trade show aims to showcase emerging talent or established women’s wear brands that are looking to break into a new market, e.g. internationally or aspirational consumers. With the representation of over 400 brands the trade show was split between two contemporary locations, The Saatchi gallery and the Phillips gallery. Some of the Brands that were given space include, See by Chloe, Matthew Williamson Jewellery, Kenzo, Vanessa Bruno and Vivienne Westwood.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and the contrast of the various collections against the backdrop of the artwork showcased in the space, complimented each other and encouraged the eye of the audience to treat the clothes as though they were delicate pieces of art – Being a purveyor of Minimalism, the clinically white walls, vast space and simplistic rails instantly sent a tingling sensation of glee to permeate my insides, I was already won over. Greeted with a glass of joyous fizz and a complimentary Scoop bag, we started on the bottom floor which housed the likes of more established brands such as See by Chloe as we made our way through the gallery what I found particularly interesting was the Curation of the space, I noticed that the designer stands were often broken up by a café areas, art work or information kiosks.

Our favourites at Scoop this year included a couple of Portugese brands, including Teresa Abrunhosa and Carla Pontez. and some home grown genius!

TA, based online, she has had three previous collections. Her regularly used fabrics include Satin, chiffon, crepe, and knitwear with Average Retail Pricing from £100- £500 , as these pieces are especially unique because of the handmade details. Check out her latest collection online for AW13 here. Follow her on Tumblr  and Like her Facebookpage if you like what you see.


Blog based Carla Pontez’s delicate, nature inspired pieces are made in portugal bi annually, following the seasons. Aimed at 18-25 years old young women, the Average Retail Price ranges from  50 Euros – 200 Euros. All of her collections are correlated, and have developing concepts, previous collections such as  ‘Stone’ were inspired by “the atmosphere and layers of a light quarry”,focusing on textures, layering and weight.


Cashmere in Love was another brand to die for, with their gorgeously geometric contemporary chic designs, fine fabric choices, and with brand owners being husband and wife, this was definitely a collection made with love. Taking us back to the 20’s in a bat of an eyelash, Cashmere in Love oozes the elegant, sultry emancipated femininity of  the Jazz Era.
Using the finest Mongolian cashmere with combinations of  wool / cotton or silks, their fabric marriages are variable, sometimes it’s 85% cotton 15% cashmereor 70% cashmere 30% silkdepending on the selected garment.
Beading embellishments and  geometric lines and cut outs are the focal design points, creating distinguishable and very minimal, effective compositional pieces that complement each other when layered. Now available globally and online at  are you on Facebook and Twitter? Well so are they!


Last but certainly not least we have British brand  Villain, now this brand has been established for 8 years providing menswear to the snazzier kind of gentleman, who cares about the details, as well as the aesthetics of his embossed bomber jacket or straight cut floral print trousers.
This is their third womenswear collection, I can’t be alone in thinking there is NO  going back after this! I will live for this brand. All of my favourite Wes Anderson movies ( and a recent theatre production ‘Public Enemy’) just seemed to resonate through the lookbook, the warm, musty almost beguilingly extinct complementary pastel colours combined with the untouchable textures !

I couldn’t just shop online for this kind of fashion I’d need to play dress up in store!?Everything about this collection is oddly even, and do you know that they have actually made a jacket out of bottle cork!? > with CANDY FLOSS PINK LINING!

Life is complete!
Go to their site, that’s enough from me! and

Watch the video below to really see what we saw!


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