SuperDry • Crackle Ear Muffs & Mittens + Studio Muse Lip & Tip

It’s freezing out here! I mean literally below 0 degrees, and I have to keep it moving especially with everything as fast paced as it is in London town! So thanks to SuperDry, with the Crackle Ear Muffs & Mittens I can keep it cute and warm this season as I go about my day to day business.
They are practical, comfortable, cute and exclusive and they compliment a number of workwear and casual outfits, definitely worth it!

SuperDry • Crackle Mitten // SuperDry • Crackle EarMuff

With the new year in, a new  very intense schedule has commenced and I haven’t had much time to get a manicure but this Lip & Tipset fromSuperDry leaves my pout glazed and my nails well kept.

It’s a quick dry and one coat can do the job if you haven’t got time to blow them dry.

If you worry about the cold weather crisping your lips just as you’ve wrapped up and put your gloves on, and the idea of stuffing your now huge hands down into the deep dark depths of your handbag for your lipgloss fills you with dread then you’re in luck!

This beauty device is featured in a technical click and twist pen for smooth and tidy application, and the moisture and shine lasts a while.

SuperDry • Beauty • Studio Muse Professional Lip & Tip


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