We arrived in Dorset around 9pm after a long confusing ride on the motorway, an abrupt stop at Lidl’s for some snacks, and some lucid moments in the car half asleep; reverse parking into a designated space set aside for Artists. We were knackered and not really in the mode for the administrative duties, but we queued orderly for our Artist and Press bands before setting up camp with a mini torch light I bought from Tescos for £1, and it did the job alright!

We were scheduled for Saturday at 11am in the Den with an hour slot, obviously my nerves grew as the day passed slowly, but my I self digressed lying on the bumpy bed of my mini tent in our Pseudo Boulevard!

Morning welcomed itself, after a briefly entertaining night with our new neighbours who continuously poured me Prosecco into a plastic cup to my delight as I rambled on about god knows what with sparkling eyeballs! My sleep was pathetic , I wonder how and why I forgot my sleeping bag?! I was practically laying on the floor with a cardigan…awoken by Peacocks, clearly  panicked and paranoid enough to assumed they were Vultures who could see thermal rays of my almost bare body beneath the cashmere piece, laying there trembling in my makeshift waterproof apartment …TRAUMA!
Usual camping routines proceeded, and thereafter we took ourselves over to the Main site to get acquainted with our surroundings and place of work for the following day.

The Den was a new area created in conjunction with The Roundhouse, dedicated solely to13 – 17 yr olds; showcasing new and emerging talent; from artists to DJs, comedians to authors, talks to techno and much more.

My good friend, Author,Writer and Poet Belinda Zhawiwas on just before me, performing and discussing some pieces she’d selected.

Now inside The Den was a super cute turquoise, cushion filled tent called “The Blurt Yurt”, where we were to ramble on about creative things desperately trying to keep young teens attention(!) Yup the pressure was on for me I guess, I mean I was up till 4am the night before we arrived, packing and preparing gift packages for my special guests! It actually made me miss my old secondary school students for hot second!

After going back and forth with my younguns for about 45 minutes with my friend and coworker, Editor Chris from theCool, about blogging, fashion, creativity , online and print publications and how to get creative, I handed out the Oi! Manifesto for them to fill out individually.

  • Oi! X Camp Bestival Mini Manifesto ;
  • Name
  • 3 hobbies/ things you like
  • What creative things would you like to see more of for young people
  • What do you wanna do when you’re older “I vow to use all my creative talents and hobbies to make all my creative dreams come true.”

    Signed Sealed with an Oi! Stamp.

Right at the end one of the girls came back to me and asked what to do with her Manifesto and whether I wanted to keep them, so I said in my apparent cockney accent, “No love!? Thats for you to stick on your wall, to remind you to keep your dreams alive!”she smiled, she was happy, so I was, and no this isn’t a cue for anyone to tell me to go back to teaching, I’d prefer sporadic workshops 🙂
Love you! lol!

We also caught up with the super talented British songstress and previous school teacher Laura Mvula who had been performing throughout the course of the week…

We also got to watch my teenage pop idol Sophie Ellis Bextorfront row, (it was murder on the dancefloor baby!) and British beatboxer Shlomo… I also got to meet world renown American Hip-Hop trio De La Souland blessed them with an Oi Package, I was so starstruck I didn’t take any pics! But they were phenomenal live!!

OMG?! I’m telling you best night ever!

Then we got crunk in the Artist Bar, away from the kids, grown ups business only 😛

Oi! X Camp Bestival Mini Manifesto ;

We had fun, can’t wait for the next one!

Special thanks to Camp Bestival& Sean Alto / Haus of Lux
Till next time!
Toodles Shnoodles!


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