Sev’nfold Style Session: Teiko I. Lee X HEART TEE

I met up with Sev*nfold Female focused Streetwear brand for a Style Session !
Check out the pics here and read my interview about personal style below:

Name: Teiko I. Lee

Age: 22

What You Do:
I used to do everything… But now I do me, my sound, and I .

How long it takes you to get dressed in the morning:
On a conscious day about 30 minutes, on a superficial day max 1 hour and a half.

Explain your personal style in a sentence:
Everything positive I embody, am inspired by and would like to transmit as I and we.

If you could raid one famous person’s wardrobe who would it be and what would you take:
Lauryn Hill, anything brown, leather, black, sporty or embellished. Probably one of her sick bag hats.

Name an item of clothing that you think super-trendy-hipsters ruined:
Ha! 1 item? Just type Tumblr into Google pick a blog of your choice and you can figure it out for yourselves. Lol.

If you had to be dressed head to toe by one designer or brand for the rest of your life, who would you pick and why:
Myself – I just need a manufacturer or a personal atelier :)… Or to get a grip and study my pattern cutting book!
What item of clothing do wish comes back into fashion and why:
I don’t care about fashion. Wear what you want man.

What made you pick the HEART tee:
I hadn’t tried it yet, it’s loose on me, I like getting air into my armpits. It’s also the classic Hollandais branding in the prints (ankara); and the colours are so vivid and rich.

Fine Female Streetwear. Ambition, Attitude and Art”


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