4 Fav Designers • GFW • Plymouth College of Arts.

So on Wednesday I headed down to the Old Truman Brewery to check out some of the Graduate Fashion Week collections. There were so many impressive exhibition stands but the one I seemed to be most drawn to was Plymouth College of Art.

Momentarily I became engulfed in a kind of wonderland,  bold pop colours, in your face graphics, and super kitschy textiles and fabrics.

There was definitely a sense of novelty in the air and these selected  portfolios displayed dexterity in technical execution, art direction and research; here are four of my favourites!

Take a look at some of the gorgeous detailing.

Francesca Newman • The Wrong Woman

“…her courage, her sincerity and her flaming self respect…”

Softs denims, lime green fur balls and cuffs, parallel eyelets,  metallic jersey stretch lurex and an array of complimentary colours. New wave 90’s, carefree experimental and casually chic a totally anti-conformist approach to fashion!

Georgia Cook & Becky Harper • Lost Boys

a visual representation of fake wealth where too much is never enough. Adornments for tough working class Kings who walk the streets like it is their palace.”

 Powdery blues symbolically reminiscent of a little shaver’s adolescence, calf length puffer jackets and cropped black jerseys emblazoned with an appliquéd Queen’s head. Inspired by the amalgamation of youth street culture, architecture and the tough mentality of the street; this was a witty, balanced and juxtaposed collection playfully scrutinising the oddities of working class culture.

One of the main designers I’ve been watching for a while now, from her bolshy graphic designs to her uber cool instagram page;  the blue print of her edgy street style runs true to form in her collection.

Jessica Hillon • The Strength of Street Flowers

“Thug has become little more than a socially acceptable version of the N-word.”

A whimsically deflective collection with politically charged undertones. Transmitting rays of utopic design wizardry, a nonchalant middle finger up to the oppressive stereotyping that is bred from racism and xenophobia.  An unexpected eye catching and thought provoking collection, partnering botanical prints with thick muted grey sweatshirts. It incapsulates the possibilities of true freedom of youth; rid of the derogatory hyper-masculine rough and rugged expectations placed on working class boys of colour.

“this collection is about making fun of the stiffs who judge people all day long, and to remind everyone to stop trying to put people or be out in boxes…”

  Parrisse Mcilhiney • Monsta Munch

“Inspired by the faces and creatures of Jean Michel Basquiat’s artwork…”

I couldn’t figure out whether it was a sugar fuelled sensory memory from my own childhood or an intriguing Art History lesson at university, but immediately there was something I recognised. It felt like my mind was playing hallucinatory tricks on me, but contentment came from the translation of warm feelings of happiness these layered pieces effused on my mind ; a very tangible meteorological phenomena…

Hmmm , I think I need this jumper in my life… I just want to be a walking talking rainbow, dishing out happy energy to every person I meet…  But then again, the former may be a little less realistic, down to earth my dear girl!

A gender-fluid, vibrant and textured collection with pieces that could act as comfort blankets for the artistically inhibited. A realm of artist equilibrium between hardcore intellectual reflexivity and the absurd yet brilliantly free imagination of juvenescence.


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