6 Favourite Penhaligon’s Parfums

Okay, so I thought I’d try to diffuse the political toxicity in the air, by sharing my six favourite Penhaligons parfums with you !
The main things I tend to collect are shoes, handbags, jackets, perfumes and accessories, because to me those are the style accents that can really personalise your look.

I think it’s so important to have a reasonable selection of scents that really define your persona… The city can be so fast paced and frenzied at times, and there’s never really enough time to stop and chat with strangers… Or exchange numbers with the cute barista you locked eyes with over a much needed Mocha at Lantana , and then happenedto bump into again whilst bee-lining your way through Fitzrovia…

The truth is, we always like to leave an impression, and when there’s no time for conversation, it’s always a nice feeling knowing you can rely on your choice of ED Cologne, Toilette, Parfum or pure Perfume, to put those subtle, sensual, subtitles on the ever glorious silent film that is your life. 😉

I tend to quite literally layer up during winter, so I prefer to cloak my self in Parfums as they tend to last longer due to their higher levels ( 10-20% ) of oil concentration, so it’s quite a nice investment for me personally.

That sensual feeling one gets when breezing past strangers, leaving parts of your story and personality floating in the air around you, like wondrous particles of your aura…
If you’re looking for a more distinctive aroma to envelop yourself in this season, but understand that you’re that problematic customer who spends half an hour discussing fragrance families, when the ratio of customer to sales person is definitely 1:12 – then pop online and discover your scent with the Penhaligon’s Fragrance Profiler

“Fragrances are the finishing touch to judiciously chosen day or evening wear, and the Penhaligon’s collection numbers historic and brave new scents. The only matter for your consideration is, what do you wish to express?”

Personally my most noteble fragrance family choices are Floral, Chypre, Aromatic and sometimes Citrus. So a concoction of sweet, soft, and romantic essences, a touch of classic sophistication, warm and dry sweet woods, a douse of musk, garnished with an intoxicating, uplifting youthful elegance, and polished with a mother of pearl powdery permanence.

So here are my 6 favourites:

Peoneve Eau de Parfum 
Honestly, so obsessed I have to check myself…  Those erogenous base notes  of Vetiver, Musk and warm Cashmere Wood, make me question whether it’s leaning towards narcissism to have to question whether I like my perfume more than I love myself… Love is about oneness and duality… and I think I may have found the one…

Malabah Eau de Parfum 
Now I think global warming is having an effect on me…  My mind seems to detect a memory that felt like an enjoyable trauma?  I’m either preparing myself for an Indian Summer in London or just recreating those intense, tropical flashbacks, whilst simultaneously calming myself with these  Citral, Smoky Earl Grey Tea head notes.
But this heart, like  roses, comes rich, cardinal red, and sun seasoned in ginger and aromatic spices. Soft, sweet luscious and sensual..

Vaara Eau de Parfum 

Divine elegance, haloed in a wealth of feminine superiority. Saffron, Honey & Benzoin Resin for the Mother of Jesus, gold dust in your champagne, bright golden yellow Quince slices under the sun on the veranda. Calming, soul cleansing Rosewater,  White Musk and Indian Magnolia, begging to adorn your majesty… At your service, Queen Vaara.

Artemisia Eau de Parfum 
A boundless beauty, a Goddess, loving, sincere, and serene, Lily of the Valley. Your chariot awaits you, ripe and sparkling Nectarine presse for the journey, Amber to ward off the love gamblers, and Green Apple to go. A breeze of Oakmoss, Musk and Vanilla calms your temperament as you deal with those grovelling gravel stone chippings along the way. Everything in context, a metaphoric perspective on romance and love. A demure cream sheath of pure grace and poise, covering the blade of a sword that hunts the beast of burden and guards the women and children at night. The wilderness is yours , forever young, Artemis.

Iris Prima Eau de Parfum
If the event begins after 8pm and I am encouraged to wear silk, satin or velvet then I’m gonna be the Princess Ballerina they’re definitely asking me to be… Forget the dresscode for a sec, I know the guys organizing the gala, and they know I don’t hold back… Silent seduction, and sickly sweet Vanilla and Sandwood secrets…
“Who me? Oh thankyou, you’re so kind?”…False self depreciation while I own the dance floor, a queue of men for the lady in red. I’ll order an Espresso Martini.

Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette 
For the Gin lover in me… obviously. Straight? Fluid? who cares ? Okay the bartender’s getting pissed off, I’ll guzzle this one down with a sugary, Cherry based chaser… Sling your hook, mother never warned me Gin could be the life of me… Ready when you are?
Perfumer: Olivier Cresp

Mini Her Set 5ml x 5 

I love these little glass-stoppered bottles for dabbing, takes me back to childhood watching my mum getting ready for weddings and parties; one and two behind the ears, wrist and rub together. Silent movies, her story, me trying to decode her mystery and following her trail of beauty like a lost puppy. Concentrated beauty rituals we inherit from the women who lead ahead of us…

Opus 1870
Here’s a little secret, after a long hot shower on a cold winter evening, I like to douse myself in the Opus men’s fragrance and snuggle up to a fictional novel…
A delicately masculine, fresh and enchanting fragrance, that puts Disney Princes to shame 😉

Till next time!


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