Black in the Day Exhibition : Visual RECAP

I felt very honoured to have been able to witness the actual Glory...

A photography exhibition curated by BlackintheDay Co-founders, poet and actress Tania Nwachukwu and graphic designer and videographer Jojo Sonubi,  in collaboration with Getty Images & Nike London celebrating Black British Athletes.

BlackintheDay is a submission based archive of Black life in Britain, from the point of view of the subject in question; the immigrant, the African in diaspora, the dual nationalities, the Windrush generation, mother tongue, culture, roots, family life, socialisation, the struggles and the achievements.
What I love about this concept is the authenticity this authorship allows the narrative to deliver; Black by Black to say the least.

For this particular exhibition even if some of the images may not have been taken by Black photographers, the selection put together shifts the gaze from a type of Eurocentric curiosity to Black pride and celebration.

A few of my favourites were the A2 blow up of English footballer Rachel Yankey, OBE in action, what a force! And seeing that classic Ian Wright grin centred in monochrome stencil against the backdrop, and the striking portrait headshots on the pillars to the left and right in black frame.

This was such an excellent contribution to black contemporary art, brilliantly continuing to document and archive the cultural dialogue on identity and race in Britain.

Text & Photography by Obui Amaechi


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