Strengths Finder • The #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller

This is such a great book?! I promise you I literally just cringed at the way I began that sentence, but if I could sell it to you in just a few words, then that brief and very vague description is true!

If you are tired of feeling like the titles Multidisciplinary or Multitalented just don’t do you justice, let alone gain respect for your ability to fine tune many talents – then this book is for you.

If you are soo over filling out those mundane personality and career tests online just to end up feeling slightly piteous, knowing you casually and self-deprecatingly attempted  to squeeze yourself into a more linear career path. And if you did so, subconsciously, hoping the end result would be to appease the employers you endlessly send your encyclopedia of a resume to, then you’ve got to purchase this book.

The StrengthsFinderassessment was invented in 1998 by Donald O Clifton an American psychologist also known as the father of Strengths-Based Psychology and the grandfather of Positive Psychology”.
Backed by 40 years of research, it has helped millions of people hone in on their strongest talents and unique combination of strengths.

Initially an online assessment, in 2001 it was first introduced as a management book called Now, Discover your Talents by Gallup an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company. StrengthsFinder 2.0is the new and improved version, channelling your talents into 34 themes, which come with personalised situational narratives to help you put your talents into perspective. These are then followed by Ideas for Action that guide you through your characteristics and help you to better understand the work process of others and their themes.

Our society tends to encourage us to fervently improve on our weaknesses, and in that process we end up dismissing our strengths, completely missing the target.
When we focus on our weaknesses we end up in dysfunctional careers, relationships and dilemmas that stifle our growth as individuals making us less feel useful to others and ourselves.

The StrengthsFinderpersuades us through detailed analytical and strategic problem solving to pay attention to our strengths, make the most out of them, and I would even go as far as to say build our livelihoods around them.

  It’s an easy and very enlightening read and if you feel unsure of your talents, start by ticking off ten and then go over them until you can narrow it down to your Top 5.

Talent ( a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving.)
Investment ( time spent practising, developing your skills and building your knowledge base.)
Strengths ( the ability to consistently provide near perfect performance.)

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